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The Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (NMEAC) is the Grand Traverse region's oldest grassroots environmental advocacy organization.

The NMEAC Legacy Fund

About The Environmental Legacy Fund:

Clean water, unpolluted air, friendly villages, rural landscapes, abundant wildlife and lovely scenery are qualities that have brought us together in this unique place. They make possible a healthy lifestyle, a vibrant regional economy and a hope that our grandchildren can return and find intact the qualities we have enjoyed.

In 2009, NMEAC launched the Environmental Legacy Fund as a vehicle to provide critical resources for legal assistance to citizens groups, concerned citizens and environmental and conservation organizations working to make sure these values are protected.

Since its inception in 1980, the NMEAC has taken the lead in this effort. In the 1980s, we sued to keep a massive shopping mall out of downtown Traverse City and sued twice again to force suburban mall developers to comply with environmental laws. In the 1990s, we led the movement to save the Crystal River and prevented massive overdevelopment of pristine North Fox Island off the shores of Leelanau County.

The pace accelerated in the 2000s with successful action to stop the Hammond-Hartman Boardman River Bridge and Bypass Project. That success opened the way for the Grand Vision process which has engaged tens of thousands of local citizens in mapping out a future that enhances, rather than exploits, our environmental riches.

The Environmental Legacy Fund will expand NMEAC’s capacity to fill its unique niche as a catalyst for grassroots citizen action protecting the environmental quality of Northern Michigan.

Defending the environment in Northern Michigan is expensive work. Please consider a contribution to support the legal efforts NMEAC engages in on your behalf as environmental advocates and stewards. Please mail a check today. Our address is: NMEAC, PO Box 1166, Traverse City, MI 49685-1166 (please write Legacy Fund - on your check). Thank you very much for your consideration, kindness, and assistance.

Your generous contribution helps us to develop community inititives, help citizen action groups, and hire lawyers to stop bad development in NW Michigan. Help us to protect the place we all call home with your time and financial support. We accept Bay Bucks.

In the News: Environmental group initiates defense fund

"Sometimes in the past we've reacted to environmental violations and environmental problems after the resource has been destroyed," Reisig said. "We want to stay ahead of the game and have a fund to file a restraining order to keep a bulldozer out of the bay, for example, at Cherry Tree Inn." Reisig hopes to collect $50,000 to $100,000 for a recently created program to pay for legal costs and help support NMEAC and other area environmental groups.


We are working to Protect a Precious and Vital Wetland Near Interlochen
This is a pending development that will threaten water quality in the Little Betsie River watershed. We are currently working to raise awareness and generate funds for a legal action by Interlochen and Green Lake residents in response to this development plan, which includes filling a sensitive wetland area, building a road, and extensive dredging and filling close to the Little Betsie River, between Diamond Park Rd. and M-137. Donations will be taken for the NMEAC Environmental Legacy fund, which is financing legal action to help fight this development.

Please mail your generous contribution to: NMEAC The Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council 3055 Cass Road, Suite 102-B Traverse City, MI 49684 Phone: 231-946-6931 Fax: 231-947-5734

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