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    I wanted to alert you to a major threat to Michigan’s environmental protection laws: Steve King’s Amendment to the Farm Bill, the so-called “Protect Interstate Commerce Act.” On its face, this legislation is aimed at stripping states of their right to set policy regarding agricultural products sold within their borders. However, the language is so broadly defined that it could lead courts to nullify hundreds of state laws across the country that protect our environment from dangerous pesticides, animal waste, and irresponsible farming practices.

    Will you join the growing coalition opposing the King Amendment’s attack on the environment? If so, simply reply “yes.”

    The following are examples of state laws safeguarding Michigan’s beautiful environment that would be jeopardized if this legislation passes:

    • Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 286.82 – establishes authority to protect cherry crops from pests, including via the seizure or destruction of infected crops

    • Mich. Admin. Code R. 285.715.7 – restricts sale of noxious weeds and establishes maximum percentage of noxious weeds allowable in shipments of regular seed

    • Mich. Comp. Laws § 287.731 – prohibits the import of animals determined by the state to endanger native wildlife

    • Mich. Comp. Laws Ann. § 29.495, § 29.497, § 29.499, § 29.501 – requires that any cigarettes sold in the state be tested in accordance with specific test methods and meet certain flammability standards, in order to reduce unintended fires

    The threat is urgent because the House just passed its version of the Farm Bill, which contains the King Amendment. We need to make sure that the Senate rejects this terrible amendment and that it is NOT included in any final House/Senate package.

    A diverse, rapidly growing array of organizations, including the Alabama Rivers Alliance, Center for Biological Diversity, Environmental Working Group, and Southern Environmental Law Center oppose King’s bill.

    Would the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council be willing to send its own letter to House leadership, or sign on to our joint letter that opposes King’s measure and a related bill introduced by Rep. Sensenbrenner (HR 2887)? If you prefer to send your own, we would be happy to provide drafts or examples of letters submitted to Congress by other concerned organizations. Or would you simply allow us to add your organization’s name to our coalition list as mentioned above?

    Thank you very much in advance for your consideration. If you’d like to discuss the above in further detail, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at the number below.

    Thank you,


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