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    What if anything is anybody doing about a million gallons of sewage in Betsie Bay. The DNR falsely claimed it would all wash into lake Michigan (I somehow fail to see the good part of that) but the south end of the bay near the leak had a huge unprecedented algae bloom and sea weed overgrowth this past summer 2018. Why isn’t anybody concerned? Here is the Record Eagle article and you can see other news online:

    Seven weeks of raw sewage goes unnoticed in Betsie Bay | Local …


    Mar 24, 2018 – Heather Hettinger, a fisheries biologist with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, said that sewage spills are never a good thing, but that the small, shallow Betsie Bay has a lot working in its favor. … “Instead of sitting in one body of water for a long time, it will be dispersed into Lake Michigan.”

    The DNR in their great concern has…..done nothing!

    One downstate village was fined thousands of dollars by the DNR because during repair of their sewage pipe crossing a river the plastic that holds ground dirt from getting from the side of the river into the water was missing for a few hours. No dirt got in the river but they were fined because it potentially could have. Here a million gallons of sewage over 7 weeks and nobody does squat.

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