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    Dear Senator Stabenow,

    Thank you for informing us of your effort to add additional funding to control the spreading of chronic wasting disease in the Farm Bill 2018. Yes, the research in universities is important to “treat, mitigate and eliminate chronic wasting diseases”, as you stated in your letter dated May 28th, 2019. In addition, Senator Tester (D-Montana) has also introduced a bill: Act (S.689) to address CWD.

    This federal effort is needed but action in the field has to start NOW at the State Level with federal funds. CWD is an infectious disease that spreads quickly (example: The Great State of Wisconsin). I understand research and university research takes time that we do not have.

    Infectious disease in a wildlife population has to be addressed with 100% effort. All core areas need to be treated with proven wildlife management of an infectious disease and that is removing all the animals. Then, testing the surrounding areas for other positive animals, not just deer.

    Waiting for university research will allow CWD to spread. It is time to ACT. Don’t worry about your citizens, they are in this fight together with you and will support elimination of this infectious disease. Elimination is the only intelligent goal.

    All the best,

    Dr. Lints

    Below is information that I have shared previously with your staff and others.

    I have completed a literature research of CWD in the United States concerning Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). The literature is from our Federaly funded organizations: Center for Disease Control (CDC) and National Institute of Health (NIH). The consensus: more research has to continue to determine how to manage CWD. Science has not discovered a cure for the disease in the animal population. They have been working on vaccines but no breakthroughs. What I am about to talk about is from literature review and asking questions. When the literature is completed by those who trust no one, the facts will direct us that we need a new wildlife plan.

    In 2002 the United State Government outlined an Action Plan to address CWD. This plan had did not have the science at the time to detail a better plan. Current science (Dr. Soto 2015 NIH funded) discovered that CWD spreads in grasses to other animals, not just deer. This CWD grass is a fact and proven. Thus, the reason our wildlife biologist have not be able to stop the disease in our wildlife animal population. Wisconsin and Michigan DNR biologist have tracked the CWD over the last 20 years showing that is moving through(spreading) our wildlife even with population reduction of wildlife animals.

    What can we do as citizens of Michigan? Contacting your Michigan and Federal representatives is very important but more urgent is upping your knowledge of the disease so we can change our behavior of how we handle all animals.

    Debbie Stabenow’s Regional Manager (Brandon Fewins) knows about CWD and has inform me that Debbie(ranking member of the Agriculture committee) is supporting a bill to determine the best scientific path of a new action plan. Our new Michigan DNR head, Dan Eichinger, can be contacted though is secretary, Judy Tkaczyki). Dan has a big problem to address in our wildlife animal population: CWD. Remember, CWD is a very infectious disease spreading in our wildlife animals and exists in grasses (Food chain items).

    The only way to stop this disease is remove all animals(not just deer) in the infected areas—-all animals and incinerate them ie New York(documented control of an infectious TB disease in wildlife populations). Other States(Wisconsin) would have taken a more aggressive approach but did not have enough science research to make the right decisions before 2015. Remember, the research of Soto(NIH funded) in 2015 discovered that prions(probably all strains) are spread laterally in grasses to other animals. This research is a “game changer” of how we approach CWD. Just taking out deer will not solve our wildlife infection. We have to change the behavior of our citizens and “how deer are handled” plus removing all other animals in the infected area. This will be a big job.

    The Federal Government has to be involved urgently dictating the removal of animals on private land due to the danger of contamination the food chain. The DNR has been locked up in courts trying to remove TB and fought hard to remove TB in the Alpena area but blocked by landowners/hunters. CWD is a national food chain challenge that has priority over animals on private property. “National food protection” should be a top priority. I am hopeful that an organized DNR and our citizens give us a chance to live through this infectious disease to protect the next generations.

    Please do your own complete literature review from, CDC and NIH before you make your personal decision to act and participate in fighting an infectious disease at your door.

    Below are my suggestions outlining fighting CWD that is a start for State and Federal officials.

    All the best,

    Ron Lints

    Ronald R. Lints DDS, MS


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