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Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council (NMEAC)
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Traverse City, MI 49685

  • Dennis Turner
    commented 2022-08-05 14:10:15 -0400
    How do I contact Ann Rogers?
  • Derek Goodman
    commented 2022-06-27 21:28:50 -0400

    Email newsletters are a great way for small businesses to reach new customers and engage with current customers.

    I’d like to get the word out about this valuable marketing tactic. Can I write an article for your website explaining the reasons for and the ways to create an email newsletter to help business owners strengthen and grow their customer base?

    Hope to hear from you!

    All the best,

    Derek Goodman

    [email protected]
  • Paul Bertrand
    commented 2022-06-26 10:32:05 -0400
    You may be interested in a 93 million dollars of your tax money Higgins Lake sewer project recently featured on 7+4 UpNorthLive.

    The sewer has no scientific merit base of need and will dump ALL of the Higgins Lake effluent into the Dead Stream Swamp (treated?) , because nobody cares about an area where the human population in the immediate area is low to nonexistent, and that opinion is from our esteemed DNR Region Two Office.

    My point is, it doesn’t have to be dumped there, it’s just that the swamp can’t scream and fight back, and all the higher ground/better able to filter the effluent land residents can scream, LOUDLY!

    Maybe with your clout you could do a follow up to the 7+4 story including environmental impact not being discussed by the Muskegon River Watershed Assembly, who in this day and age have decided to follow political science and unneeded environmental impacts rather than science base of need and environmental respect.

    I may be the only one here who speaks up, with knowledge, on the lack of science proof need AND the impact it will have on that ecosystem.

    This is nothing more than the affluent using their power and your money to pump their effluent anywhere but THEIR backyard environment, so that more population expansion can enhance their affluence.
  • Connie Leutloff
    commented 2022-05-30 06:59:25 -0400
    Please stop removal of 238 trees on Parsons.
  • sue Green
    commented 2022-04-19 11:13:36 -0400
    i am reaching out to bring your attention to a timely and crucial global policy initiative focused on soil regeneration as a long term solution to all things climate change. these 100 days are our biggest opportunity to date to impact soil extinction. see and for how you can play a role in this exciting action
  • Arthur Hirsch
    commented 2022-03-07 13:22:18 -0500
    I just became a member; I am willing to give a power point presentation on microplastics in the Great Lakes. Let me know if you are interested in a 40 minute presentation and 20 minute discussion/Q&A.

    I may be interested in volunteering…I am a former environmental engineering consultant
  • Bob Otwell
    commented 2022-02-17 13:57:59 -0500
    How Billions in Infrastructure Funding Could Worsen Global Warming, NYT, Feb 10, 2022. I am surprised NMEAC is not weighing in on the expansion of East Front Street and the Parkway in Traverse City. This project is increasing the capacity to move cars, contributing to climate change.
  • Michael Schneider
    commented 2022-02-08 15:47:53 -0500
    I’m reaching out to you from Climate Coalition, We’re looking for like-minded organizations that are concerned about reducing the use of fossil fuels and are concerned about preserving the beauty of Michigan’s wilderness areas as the expanding use of wind and solar farms requires them to be spread over increasingly vast land areas.

    Eighty percent of Michigan’s greenhouse gas free electrical power is produced by Michigan’s three nuclear power plants, so preserving them is an important way to both help reduce the use of fossil fuel and reduce the amount of land that is needed for the expansion of wind and solar farms.

    The Palisades nuclear plant is scheduled to be closed in May of this year, nine years early, despite being licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission until 2031. Palisades produces the same amount of CO2 free energy as all the wind and solar farms in Michigan, and its closure will shift that amount of power generation to fossil fuel. This will greatly increase the amount of CO2 we put into the atmosphere, and it will increase the amount of land needed by wind and solar to replace fossil fuel.

    We are preparing letters to send to Michigan’s governor and to all of Michigan’s state legislators asking them to do what is needed to keep Palisades open as long as the NRC allows, and we are asking other organizations that are concerned about climate change and about preserving Michigan’s natural areas to be co-signers of our letter by adding their insignia. Would the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council join our effort to keep the Palisades nuclear plant open through the remainder of its useful life and avoid this planned increase in the use of fossil fuel?

    I look forward to your reply. Of course, we would be happy to discuss this with you further and to provide a draft copy of our letter.
  • Tom Park
    commented 2022-02-08 09:43:17 -0500
    Thank you, Ann & June, I appreciate having the updated information Re: NMEAC meetings. As a supporter of environmental goals and action, we again are confronted with our county road commission pushing their Hammond-Hartman agenda. I feel the need to become more involved and informed on this issue. Thank you for all that you do, Tom
  • Tom Park
    commented 2022-02-07 13:40:15 -0500
    Will NMEAC meet Tuesday at the Garfield location or are the meetings conducted via zoom?
  • Steven Holl
    commented 2022-01-28 06:43:02 -0500
    Thank you for the bringing Peter Sinclair into our homes last night. Once again he expanded my understanding of our current disruptions. A few highlights for me were the graphic on mortality in BC, the insurance industry response, and the farmer connecting the dots to military intervention. I neglected to post in the chat the ongoing effort to price carbon in Build Back Better. It’s not dead yet, so continued email support is needed. Thanks again for a terrific evening.
  • Joan Moore
    commented 2022-01-24 13:31:03 -0500
    I am trying to register for zoom on Thursday night and it won’t allow me to do so???? I may also be doing something wrong… I would like to be there,
  • Elena Stewart
    commented 2022-01-20 19:56:42 -0500

    I’d love to write an article for your site on the topic of Recruitment Marketing.

    Now more than ever, businesses need to learn the art of attracting and nurturing skilled individuals to join their team.

    What do you think? Would an article that details best practices for recruitment marketing be a value-add for your website? If so, I’d love to write the article and send it your way once complete.

    Many thanks for your time today,

  • Martha Lancaster
    commented 2022-01-16 11:07:55 -0500
    EOY – When are nominations open for the 2022 EOY? I would like to nominate Kathy Bricker who has had a significant career as a volunteer and professional protecting lands in Northern Michigan, as well as oceans around the world. Unfortunately, she has cancer and may not be around next fall. I am hoping the timeline will be earlier this year. Please advise.
  • Taryn Indish
    commented 2021-11-17 15:24:02 -0500

    I am a student at Northwestern Michigan College and I am putting together a podcast for a research project for the end of the semester in my freshwater science class. My idea for my project was a podcast including indigenous people or people who work to protect treaty rights and conservation for the tribe. My project objective is to convey why people should care about conservation of water and sustainability. I was also going to add at the end small ways they could change their lifestyle to help improve and move towards restoration of the earth. If you are interested in participating or know anyone who would be interested, please let me know! I am planning on putting together a questionnaire and possibly meeting via zoom to be able to capture your input on this topic.

    If you know anyone who would be interested in participating let me know!

    Thank you!

    Taryn Indish (she/her)

    Northwestern Michigan College

    Freshwater Science and Sustainability

    Student, Class of 2025

    Phone: (906) 322-7331
  • Jennifer Church
    commented 2021-10-15 12:42:57 -0400
    Hello, I work for Martin G Lagina. He has 40+ years in energy production and has been a major player in bringing alternative green energy to our region. He would like to share his thoughts and research with a of his writing of ‘Common Sense to Combat Climate Change’. If there is an email address I could forward this information to, that would be great. Thank you
  • Allison Batdorff
    commented 2021-09-24 10:22:03 -0400
    Looking for the winners list from last night to publish in the Record-Eagle.
  • Stephen Tuttle
    commented 2021-09-23 11:49:24 -0400
    Please know I will be unable to participate in this evenings award show due to an ongoing eye issue.

    I appreciate the work NMEAC has done and continues to do and I congratulate all the winners… except the Golden Bulldozer winner deserving little praise.


    Stephen Tuttle
  • Suz McLaughlin
    commented 2021-09-21 12:23:40 -0400
    I am INCREDIBLY HONORED and quite frankly gobsmacked to be nominated. The other nominees are STELLAR examples of how rich our region is in folks ‘doing the right thing’! I was such a fan of Greg’s, who often became my ‘what to do next’ official resource. He is GREATLY missed and yet, NMEAC’s Mission is so important to all, his legacy, as those before him, lives on to the benefit of our beautiful paradise. I’m sorry not to be able to attend this years celebration! GRATITUDE to ALL
  • Seth Phillips
    commented 2021-08-23 20:45:43 -0400
    I received an email reportedly from June Thaden indicating that I had been nominated for your EOY award. I wanted to confirm that this email was authentic and not a prank from someone or a hack of some kind. Is this real?
  • followed this page 2021-07-22 23:31:50 -0400
  • Jason Lin
    commented 2021-06-30 22:06:11 -0400
    Hi team at NMEAC,

    I am Jason, a high school student from Cranbrook high school in Michigan. I am passionate about environmental issues and extremely interested in everything your organization stands for.

    Recently, my team and I are developing an app at the Launchx summer program for young entrepreneurs. Our app is called MVMNT. MVMNT strives to contribute to solving climate issues. On our app, we connect environmental activists and enthusiasts with organizations like you. You will be able to post information and events about your organization on our app, and users on our app in the Michigan area will be able to join your events or donate to you.

    Please let me know if you are interested. We will not charge organizations any money to be on our app. Also, if you are interested, would you be available for a quick online interview with our team, where we walk you through our idea and get feedback from you? We are striving to improve our app as much as we can so any feedback is helpful.


    Jason and the MVMNT team
  • Calista Rockwell
    commented 2021-06-28 11:07:10 -0400
    Hello, I’m reaching out to possibly set up an interview with someone from this environmental organization, I am a student conducting research with Dr. Sarah Mittlefehldt on a study that examines the risks and benefits associated with wood energy in Michigan, and different perceptions of those risks and benefits. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of how communities across Michigan have responded to woody biomass energy development.

    I would love to chat more about this, and would appreciate a way of contact!

    Thank you!
  • Barbara Krouse
    commented 2021-06-18 13:21:07 -0400
    I really need to contact someone about herbicide use near a loon nesting site on Duck Lake. Who can I contact! The situation is dire!
  • Timothy Young
    commented 2021-06-03 10:28:22 -0400
    Hey June. I have a ton of files somewhere regarding my time as chair and the primary project I worked on, that being the stopping of the land swap between the Homestead and Sleeping Bear which eventually led to the Conservancy buy-out and protection of sections of the Crystal River. Not sure when I’ll find the time to dig them up in the summer, but it would for a good winter project.

  • John Jordan
    commented 2021-04-21 15:53:29 -0400
    Do you know of any environmental watch dog groups that work in the Charlevoix area. The EPA is planning to remediate the superfund site in town and I am interested in having some outside oversight of the project. Can your organization lead me in the right direction?
  • Fern Spence
    commented 2021-03-01 21:09:53 -0500
    Please contact TV 7 and 4 to counter their special report about the need for Hartman Hammond bridge, it is a series that started tonight March 1 2021. I am not an expert to speak about the many recent improvements to E-W corridor, but I am sure you can reach out to them to recommend a more objective and non-biased special report. I did contact their newsroom tonight.
  • Anna Bunting
    commented 2021-02-03 14:35:44 -0500
    Hello – I am working with the Office of the Environmental Justice Public Advocate and I was wondering if you could provide the emails of your co-chairs? Thank you and take care! Anna
  • Ben Ditta
    commented 2020-10-11 12:29:09 -0400

  • Jill Hutchinson
    commented 2020-10-09 13:15:16 -0400
    Are you looking for a bookkeeper?


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