Our Issues

NMEAC is working on a number of issues that cut across all aspects of the northern Michigan environment.

Our Issues



Moving off fossil fuels is perhaps one of the most important goals any of us can tackle. The warming climate effects the beauty, health, and welfare of our northern Michigan existence. There are several clean energy initiatives we are working on. Learn More


People do not choose to live in northern Michigan for the population density. Our open spaces set us apart from many regions in the state where sprawl and poor urban planning erode the tranquility that only space can provide. Learn More


The aging oil pipeline that cuts through 21% of the world's fresh surface water in the Straits of Mackinac is an ever-present threat to the Great Lakes and all of Michigan. We have been involved in the fight to decommission this pipeline since the beginning of the Oil & Water Don't Mix campaign. Learn More


One of the most special aspects of living in northern Michigan is our tree cover. Northern forests are under threat and our urban forests aren't as healthy as they could be. We work to preserve and protect what we do have, and advocate for more trees when possible. Learn More


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