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NMEAC is the oldest environmental group in Northern Michigan. A trove of historical documents has chronicled the challenges and successes of the organization throughout the years. NMEAC Secretary June Thaden has meticulously gathered the documents into a historical archive now graciously stored by Traverse Area District Library (TADL). 

This is a brief rundown of the documents delivered to TADL on February 1, 2024.

Box 1

Big Rock; Bay View Mall, Sand Lakes Quiet Area: 1981 - 


Box 2

Cone Drive
Invoice from Beckett & Rader, Christopher Grobbel’s study of Boardman Lake Remedial Action Plan, January 2021


Box 3

North Fox; Little Betsie Wetlands, East Bay Shoreline; 1989
East Bay Township; Mitchell Creek
Pollister Drilling Corp vs Elk Rapids (William Clous). 2003-2007
Mitchell Creek Watershed (William Clous). 2003-2004
Eastwood Custom Homes (William Colus). 2007
Matthew Vermetten, attorney


Box 4

Coalition for Sensible Growth (CSG). 2005-2006
Land Use and Transportation Study (LUTS)


Box 5

Hartman-Hammond. 1996-2006+
Grand Vision
Environmentalist of the Year (EOY) 1994-2023



Articles of incorporation, bylaws, board by year, mentors council, legacy fund, Greg Reisig Prize for Environmental Journalism, and a sample of a couple of state files.



Environmentalist of the Year (EOY). This is NMEAC’s biggest gift to the community, where several dozen environmental activists are nominated for about a dozen categories, like education, public service, agriculture, and volunteers, plus several special awards by the Board.


NOTE: Most files from 1980 to about 1999 are in the Bentley Library Archives, University of Michigan. Full finding aid and my reframing are available digitally.

June is retaining about two bankers' boxes of “Issues and Events,” for which I want to complete a spreadsheet Rmeline of concerns that NMEAC folks were focusing on and how they were informing our community.

Digital files to be sent:

  • Board Minutes from late 2012 to date
  • Financial spreadsheet of profit and loss by year from 2004-2023 (In process - our bookkeeper, Kate Thornhill, is compiling this from bank records.
  • Bently Library: Archives 1980 - late 1990s
  • EOY Recipients/Winners - Spreadsheet of all Environmentalist of the Year celebrations.
  • Issues and Events 1980 - current: In process.


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