Environmentalist of the Year Celebration

What a Night!

2023 Environmentalist of the year

So many good friends, such good food, and so many awards! Thanks to all that attended the 2023 Environmentalist of the Year Awards and Celebration. 

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Enjoy this recording of the NMEAC Environmentalist of the Year Awards & Celebration that took place at the Milliken Auditorium in Traverse City, MI, on April 14, 2023.

00:00 Welcome and music from brotha James (Sean & Jeremy Reisig)
03:41 Welcome from Ann Rogers
05:00 Words from Ken Smith
06:17 Welcome from Blase Masserant
07:21 Taryn Indish
12:12 Keynote by Sarna Salzman, SEEDS
28:15 Corey Hansen
30:22 Kate Thornhill
31:50 Jannan Cornstalk
36.56 Anne Morrison Perry
42:19 Marty Lagina
46:52 Ty Wessell
47:42 Marvin Radke
50:02 Aubrey Parker
51:14 Jerry Dobek
52:48 Barry Kroll
55:18 Robert LaPorte
01:02:13 June Thaden
01:03:09 Berta Meserve
01:05:00 John Nelson
01:06:15 Leelanau Township Planning Commission: Steve Patmore, Gina Harder, Kristi Fischer, Brigid Hart, Steve Kalchik, Brian Mitchell, Phyllis Reborti, Gerald Schatz, Tom Weber
01:08:55 Bill Latka
01:11:44 June Thaden
01:14:09 J. Carl Ganter
01:19:09 Michael Delp
01:23:00 Poem and farewell from Ann Rogers


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