We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect. -Aldo Leopold

NMEAC has been fighting for a clean and just environment in northern Michigan for 40 years. We are an all-volunteer organization that works on a myriad of issues including clean energy, fresh water, smart development, and other issues that preserve and protect northern Michigan as a place to thrive. Become a Member today!

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    Climate Solutions Presentation

    The effects of climate change are being seen worldwide and right here in Michigan. NMEAC presented Peter Sinclair and his videos about the unfolding disaster and what you can do to become involved in creating solutions that will carry us through.

    Peter SinclairPeter Sinclair is a videographer and journalist who has been tracking the science behind climate change through his decades of scientific interviews and visiting regions that are seeing the effects of our warming atmosphere. He's a frequent contributor to Yale Climate Connections This is Not Cool, Media Director of the Dark Snow Project, Climate Denial Crock of the Week, and NCSE 2017 Friend of the Planet.

    The majority of the presentation on January 27, 2022, included several of Peter's videos, which we share below. 


    Northwest Heat Wave



    December tornado outbreak



    Daniel Swain PhD: How Much We’ve already warmed



    Climate impacts on Property Insurance



    Clean energy helping rural communities



    Clean energy helping rural schools



    How Michigan can Store Renewable energy



    Farmer John Fabian: Why my Family Supports Wind Energy



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    Environmentalist of the Year Celebration

    Over 100 people joined us on Zoom and participated in our live stream from the Neahtawanta Center, where several NMEAC board members and award recipients joined us for a celebration.

    See this year's recipients listed here.

    See this year's nominees listed below.

    Everyone is a winner in our book. Thank you for your support and participation.


    Hover over the video timeline to navigate through the video, or watch on YouTube for easy navigation.

    00:00 Welcome from Ann Rogers, NMEAC Chair
    00:56 Sally Van Vleck and "Founding Mothers," Martha Phillips, and Charlene Goral
    04:22 Keynote: Kate Madigan, Director of Michigan Climate Action Network
    24:49 Music from Victor McNanemy - "Lament of the Lakes"
    34:32 Ann Rogers sets up the Awards
    35:50 Jeremy Reisig introduces Nominees and Recipients
    37:57 Environmentalist of the Year: Student - Katherine DePauw, Great Lakes Water Studies Institute
    39:52 Environmentalist of the Year: Educator - Cory Hanson, Greenspire School
    42:43 Environmentalist of the Year: Grass Roots Group - Jannan Cornstalk, Water is Life Festival
    46:24 Environmentalist of the Year: Journalism & Communications - Beth Wallace, National Wildlife Federation
    48:49 Environmentalist of the Year: Business - Bob Sutherland, Cherry Republic
    50:24 Environmentalist of the Year: Public Service Office - Kama Ross, Grand Traverse & Leelanau Conservation District
    50:38 Environmentalist of the Year: Professional - Kelly Thayer, FLOW For The Love Of Water
    55:16 Environmentalist of the Year: Volunteer - Madeline Baroli, Leelanau, Benzie, and Grand Traverse Conservation Districts
    58:01 Environmentalist of the Year: Volunteer - Aubrey Ann Parker, Benzie Water Festival
    59:55 Environmentalist of the Year: General - Rick Buckhalter
    1:02:49 Environmentalist of the Year: Agriculture - Barry Krull, Krull's Composting (accepted by Christina Speaks)
    1:07:55 John Nelson presents the John Nelson Watershed Steward Award - Tom Nelson, Leelanau Conservancy
    1:10:11 Ann Rogers presents the special Litigator of the Year - Holly T. Bird
    1:13:07 Susan Wheadon presents the Golden Beaver Award - Cathie Cline
    1:15:51 John Nelson presents the Clarence Kroupa Lifetime Achievement Award - Dori Turner, Watervale Inn (accepted by Glen Chown)
    1:21:36 Ann Rogers and David Petrove present the Golden Bulldozer Award - five of the Grand Traverse County Commissioners
    1:24:08 Ann Rogers introduces Terri Reisig to give the inaugural Greg Reisig Prize for Environmental Journalism - Dave Dempsey, FLOW For Love Of Water
    1:30:11 Farewell and a reading from Ann Rogers
    1:32:00 Farewell from Jeremy Reisig as he performs "Love."

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    Grant Parsons on NMEAC's Principled Success

    In 1985/1986 MDOT wanted to clear-cut M-72. Phil Thiel convinced Jim Olsen and me and some others to oppose them. In addition to Jim’s Complaint, each of us adopted a tree and vowed to protect it. We pretty much won, saved a lot of the trees. Clarence Kroupa, the man who invented trees, was our expert. This is the tree I adopted.
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    Sally Van Vleck Reflects on NMEAC's Origin

    Yes, the rumors are true, NMEAC really did begin with a conversation between 4 women sitting around a kitchen table in 1980. Back then, one of the hot issues was nuclear power, so when we learned that a request had been filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to increase the capacity of the spent fuel rod tanks by placing the used fuel rods closer together, the environmental community had concerns. The management of the plant insisted that it would be safe; however, others who knew about this sort of thing were wary.
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