Trees have countless benefits: they provide visual appeal, produce oxygen, sequester CO2, intercept airborne particulates, reduce smog, enhance public health, cool the air, filter water, capture and slow rainfall, recharge the aquifer, reduce water runoff, prevent erosion, provide wildlife habitat, decrease noise pollution, reduce crime, slow traffic, increase property values, enhance neighborhoods, attract businesses, increase tourism, encourage social interaction, provide places for recreation, increase quality of life.


NMEAC understands the importance of supporting our urban and natural forests to maximize the benefits from trees. Recent issues have involved the cutting of trees along Bluff Road by the Road Commission to extend road surface life, the cutting of trees on city property beside the airport to build the new Costco, the removal of trees for both the Vineyards Ridge Development and the proposed 81 on East Bay development. These actions have taken place without inviting community input. 

We believe it is important to consider forestry issues a priori when planning, zoning, and building decision are made.  A well-researched plan and program needs to be created for new tree planting. A survey of TC’s urban forest that identifies the number and types of tree species present, the extent of the tree canopy, and the health of existing trees needs to be undertaken to support our environment and to maximize our well-being and the quality of our lives.

Image: Christian Collins



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