Bob Jones

Much of my memory of my time with NMEAC is vague, but I will try to relate as much as I can. I had saved a lot of information from then - news articles, etc.  but lost it all in our house fire last summer. But I'll do my best.

I was Chairman/Co-Chair of NMEAC between 1990-94. ?? Our biggest involvement at that time was, a) working to stop the proposed Homestead golf course here in Glen Arbor, and b) working to stop the development of North Fox Island into a luxury resort and golf course. These were the two hot button issues at then and we spent a lot of time and effort working to stop them. In addition, I was Co-Founder of The Friends of the Crystal River and was involved in that capacity as well. 

North Fox Island was what I remember the most when I was with NMEAC. I knew it inside and out and the entire permitting process and spent countless hours researching and attending meetings in Northport to speak on our views and arguments. Mark Connor was the lead man for the developer who was actually the owner of the Grand Traverse Resort at the time. Can't remember his name at the moment. 

So, in a nutshell, these are what I remember the most.

Thanks again for contacting me.

- Bob

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