The Greg Reisig Prize for Environmental Journalism

Greg ReisigGreg Reisig was a champion for the environment and co-chair of NMEAC for many wonderful years. In honor of his tireless dedication to truth, honesty, and the environment, we are introducing a new award in his name.

The Greg Reisig Prize for Environmental Journalism honors Greg's lifetime of advocacy for environmental issues. Since his early days as co-publisher of The Lake Country Gazette, his passion for journalism was recognized time and time again as a recipient of the NMEAC Environmentalist of the Year award for journalism.

Greg has always appreciated the powerful role that effective journalism plays in environmentalism and indeed in our society.

We have launched an endowment fund, to which we invite you now to contribute, to fully fund an annual award to be given out each year to honor a person who has produced a work that has had (or is likely to have) a great impact on environmental justice or protection in Northern Michigan. The $1,000 award will go to the charity of the recipient's choice. This new award will supplant and elevate the EOY award for journalism to a higher level as well as honoring Greg’s incredible contributions over many years.

Its scope will be all forms of journalism – print, broadcast, website, blog, or social media. It will potentially encompass a vast array of communication efforts by the environmental community and the media.

Please join us in honoring our dear friend, Greg Reisig, by helping to establish this new award in his name.


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GOAL: $20,000.00



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