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Watch Peter Sinclair's Climate Change Solutions 2021 webinar held on February 26, 2021.


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Selected Comments and Links from Participants During the Conversation

  • Get involved in Climate Action with Michigan Climate Action Network
  • Oil & Water Don't Mix Campaign - to Shut Down Line 5
  • A new paper out today affirms the unprecedented slowdown of the Gulf Stream System (the AMOC). 
  • Some great Black climate scientists to consider
  • Katherine Hayhoe is a wonderfully talented communicator
  • As the former Co-ED of Water Protectors Legal Collective from Standing Rock, I can definitely speak to the intimidation and harassment of citizens and county officials by fossil fuel hires and supporters. Last year, when attending water hearings in South Dakota (re: permitting for KXL pipeline), I had to take a bodyguard because workers and clients were getting run off the road and threatened with guns.
  • Don't forget the crucial role that Energy Efficiency needs to play in the clean energy revolution.
  • I built a solarium to capture and sequester solar heat and on every sunny day this winter I have had temperatures above 90 F. for most of the day. I open the door to allow heat to warm our home.
  • We need to fill up boards and commissions with people concerned about climate change.
  • John Elkington’s Book “Green Swans “ addresses this question of Climate Change and current models of Capitalism.
  • Capitalism = let our dollars speak. Shouldn't we use our dollars to buy products from companies that have strong commitments and progress on emission reductions? Invest in them -- eg 401k. Corporations are the source of emissions (our dollars in some ways behind that), but they can be the solution.
  • Need to watch Alain Godeau’s recent presentation on “Our Changing Energy’s a comprehensive explanation of what Peter is talking about.
  • The #1 thing everyone can do is become politically active - advocate for people who want to make the climate changes we need. Get involved in campaigns to shut down fossil fuel infrastructure like Line 5. Run for local office to ensure climate action at the local level.
  • There are more solutions than just clean energy. Drawdown is a terrific resource to find something that may be in your wheelhouse to advocate for.
  • It’s not about personal actions and your own energy use - it’s about GETTING POLITICALLY ACTIVE!
  • Our is building a resilient community that can resist negative economic forces.
  • Intention: Let's involved with our local community! (township, village, city) :D It can make it fun, rewarding, joyful, and hopeful. If anyone is interested in engaging with local government to advocate for energy transition and climate resilience, I'd be happy to share thoughts and ideas [email protected], (231) 360 0692
  • Citizens' Climate Lobby provides extensive training and resources for becoming more effective advocates to our communities and our members of Congress. It's an amazing support network.
  • Get tools to work for climate. Free training at The Climate Reality Project
  • We need continued pressure on Gov Whitmer - sources say that she will be compromising with Enbridge and allowing the tunnel to go through and allowing the oil in Line 5 to flow if they follow a 5-year timeline.
  • Enbridge/Banks: TD, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, RBC, CIBC, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, MUFG, National Bank of Canada
  • Invest your value
  • Corporate Knights
  • Companies with Science-Based Targets
  • Learn to give climate change presentations at The Climate Reality Project.

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