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    Green Ticker

    Because of the Covid 19 pandemc the Green Ticker has taken a time-out

    Calendar items will be updated and new information added once there again begins to be group events.

    Please stay safe, wear a mask, and follow your local health department guidelines concerning social distancing

    Thank you for behaving responsibly 


    With our air, water, land, and climate threatened as never before, now is the time for those who desire a better future to work together.

    This is our listing of educational, social, and political events related to the environment that are taking place in the Grand Traverse region. To have your event listed, please send an email to that includes:

    day   date   start and end time   name of event   location (with address)  event sponsor  fee/donation   short comment   

    Thank you

    See all events

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    What's Up?


    These are challenging times. The environment is under assault as never before.  It is no longer responsible to sit back and just watch what unfolds. The urgency of the climate crisis demands that protecting and healing the environment takes center stage in our lives.  Understanding the urgency, the Board of NMEAC is working to expand our base and create opportunities for everyone to become part of the solution rather than remaining part of the problem. We are involved in partnership with other local groups and agencies working to mitigate climate change, to shut down Line 5, to become a 100% renewable energy community, to protect our trees and clean water, to prevent urban sprawl, and to preserve and protect our special region.

    The Green Ticker is a place where you can learn what events are taking place in the Grand Traverse region, events organized and sponsored by our many local environmental groups. Our climate, our towns, our rivers, our bays, our lakes, our forests, our dunes, our plants and our animals all need your help to preserve and protect them.  Activities are listed chronologically in the Green Ticker.  Please add your event by following the instructions at the top of the Green Ticker.  Check the Green Ticker often to keep informed about what is going on.  

    Besides the Green Ticker, we'll be posting the latest information here that we think will fascinate you, as it does us! NMEAC events, book reviews, and news.

    Let us know what interests you here.

    “The Earth does not belong to us: we belong to the Earth”. 

    Marlee Matlin


    “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

    Albert Einstein

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    Land Use

    Sprawl Makes a Comeback

    NMEAC voiced opposition to the ill-conceived plans for the 81 on East Bay development on the Old Mission Peninsula and helped support a new group called Preserve Old Mission. The development site includes steep ridges along East Bay and a spectacular woods running along the tops of those steep ridges. The developer wants to level the ridges to gain views of the Bay. We are also monitoring future developments and will be working to be sure setbacks from the Bay and the Boardman River are enforced.

    Sprawl in TC Fall

    Interlochen Wetlands

    NMEAC has been involved in challenging an MDEQ permit which allows wetlands to be filled for a small development near Interlochen. We joined together with Interlochen Center for the Arts and local residents to challenge the permit in circuit court. We have been part of this issue since 2007.

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